So, You Think You Want to Get a Dog?

playful puppyThere are many decisions that any human being must make in his or her lifetime, but perhaps one of the most major decisions that you have to make (especially if you don’t have kids) is the question of whether or not you are going to get a dog. Sure, popular media will be quick to tell you how cute the prospect is, and how happy your life is going to be once you have your dog in the household. What the tech blog on pets does not tell you, however, is that having a dog is not just all fun and games.

Sure, those blog articles will all seem to convince you that you can manage all of the tasks, but the fact remains that it does take a lot of responsibility for you to be able to take care of a dog really well. And while there are a wide variety of dogs for you to choose from, maybe you’ve already decided on the breed that you’re getting: the Dogue de Bordeaux. An excellent choice, of course, but here are a few things that you (and your blog readers and website visitors) need to know about this breed.


How It Looks

Here are a few details about this dog’s looks. The Dogue de Bordeaux is an old French dog breed with a stocky and powerful body covered with loose skin. The breed’s trademark is the large head with a serious expression. The dogs have oval-shaped eyes that are set wide apart and come in shades of hazel to dark brown. Their ears are slightly rounded on the tips, set high on the head and fall back. The ears are typically a darker shade than the coat color.

As for its tail, well, the tail is thick and tapered. The coat is short and soft, and it comes in colors of fawn, mahogany, red and isabella (grayish-yellow or cream). Markings include a black mask, brown mask, white markings or white patches.pup

How Friendly Are They?

Your next question might be something that’s directly related to your concern as the potential dog parent. Indeed, if you’re going to aspire to playing the role of one who takes care of this dog, you really do need to know whether or not this dog is one for making friends.

If you’re looking for a watchdog (that is, someone who’s going to help you secure the household while you’re away or asleep), then you’ve found the perfect animal companion. Dogues de Bordeaux are excellent watchdogs. They are loyal and close with family members, and fearless and courageous with strangers. You should thoroughly socialize them with other animals at an early age to prevent aggression.

However, a word of caution, though, especially if you’re a new dog parent. These dogs are not recommended for first-timers.Dogues de Bordeaux can be stubborn, dominant and display negative behaviors (destructiveness, aggressiveness) in the absence of a firm leader, training and socialization.

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